Or, imagine sending your child out to fetch water from a dirty pond. Picture them standing ankle deep in a stagnant pool, scooping up the muddy water. Then consider that this water is guaranteed to make them sick with a life-threatening illness.


Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related disease.

Women and children in Africa and Asia bear the primary responsibility for water collection.

An estimated 200 million hours are spent each day globally collecting water.

Many women in sub-Saharan Africa are still expected to walk miles to collect water on the day they go into labour.


The Mums Army initiative is the brainchild of international water aid charity Just a Drop. It is the first time that a charity has specifically called on mums of the UK to unite with mothers in developing countries.

Wherever in the world they are, there is a deep understanding between mothers. A mum is that most formidable of forces. And an army is also a formidable force, mobilised at times when things are most serious and in need of the most committed support.


Help us create an army of mums within the UK to ensure that other mums around the world can give their children clean, safe water for the first time.

Find out more about how to enlist in our Mums Army, get involved and be a force for good.