Insect Repellents Are Great for Children

Insects are always buzzing around on your child’s skin. Flying around different spots in the summer. Watching your kids play in the woods and waiting. Hoping your child comes a little closer. Waiting for the perfect moment to whip out its blood sucking tube and take a bite. Prevent them from biting your child next time by spraying insect repellent. Insect repellent is a great way to block insects like mosquitoes, flies, and ants who want to bite kids just because their bored. Say no to that and add defensive gas barrier around your child to fight the insects. Add the best bug spray for babies if you have a baby too. Read more on this below.

What is Insect Repellent

best bug spray for babies

Chemicals and ultrasonic devices used together to help someone not get bitten by an insect. You press the top part of spray and a gas ejects. Spreading a small stream of gas that is considered pesticide. The insect repellent works well but must be used safely. Failure to use the repellent safely can lead to biological problems. This spray is not like the perfume you spray on to smell good. Be careful with it. Insect repellent is required by law to cause no harm to human skin. Mainly designed to go on the out layer of skin only. Do not use insect repellent on your eyes, teeth, food, and other areas that is not skin. Made to use on skin only. In addition, repellent can be sued to destroy insects. Not all insects will be destroyed from insect repellent. Expect the insects that is listed on the container to be destroyed only. Other insects that is not on the container or mentioned in the label may not die.

Safe Guide to Using Insect Repellent

The best way to be safe when using insect repellent is to follow directions listed on the insect repellent bottle. Generally speaking, you place the insect repellent on skin areas exposed to outside. Each bottle you buy should come with a set of directions on bottle or in a book. Follow the directions to the letter. Do not skip one rule on the directions. Do not use insect repellent like its some perfume spray. Average users, claim the insect repellent puts a intense sting in your eye if used on eye. They claim the experience is not something you want to have. Avoid any dangers and injuries, by using the insect repellent in a way that is described in the instructions.

Another, you could let people around you know you are wearing insect repellent. Let them know so they know not to touch you. They could get the chemical in their eyes. Making them want to sue you or the fun event unpleasant. Keep them happy by telling them you have it on and they shouldn’t touch you. You can always wipe the insect repellent off with some water and a rag. This way, you can touch others in a safe way.

Things You Should Never Do With Insect Repellent

There are certain things you should not do with insect repellent. Never use on children that are less than 2 months. The best bug spray for babies should not be used on children younger then 2 months. Their skin is extremely sensitive at that age. They are not equipped to accepting new chemicals on their skin yet. Next, do not spray insect repellent on cuts, wounds, and infected skin. The repellent is not like lip balm. It can cause certain anti-insect chemicals to invade your body. May put you in the hospital. Moving on, never use insect repellent with sunscreen. I understand your trying to get the best protection at the beach. But, if you have insect repellent mixed with sunscreen, the effectiveness of both is dropped down. I suggest you avoid mixing the two together. Remember, sunscreen is for beaches and insect repellent is for camping.

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