Jerry Can Challenge

For many people in developing nations, the jerry can is a part of everyday life – a companion on the long walk to water
and a keeper of this precious resource. When full it holds just over 20 litres and weighs 20kg (the same as the average
UK airport luggage allowance).

Our aim is to bring us a little closer to those mums and their children who face this daily struggle, so why not set up
your own Jerry Can Challenge?! Choose from some of the ideas below or make up your own – draw as much attention to
yourselves as you can and help raise funds and awareness for the cause.


IDEAS to get you MOVING

  • A sponsored relay walk carrying a half-full jerry can. Our projects’ children often walk 6km daily – can you and your friends?
  • Compete against other Mums Army groups across the UK – which group can carry a half-filled jerry can the furthest in a sponsored relay? Who runs the fastest 6km relay with a jerry can? The most people donating to join in an event?
  • Set up a jerry can boot camp or circuits training, finding ways in which to include the use of the jerry can!
  • Ask your school to consider adding a jerry can challenge event to Sports Day! One class races another to fill a jerry can with cups of water. Once finished they use a rope to haul the can, tug-of-war style, over a line to win. Or, replace the traditional parents’ race with a jerry can race. How many coins will fill the jerry can?